Cancer research and Leica Laser microdissection!

Cancer research and Leica Laser microdissection!

Anatomy - Pathology / Molecular Diagnostics / Cell Biology

December 18, 2018

DNA mutations lead to abnormal or missing functional proteins, which can cause cells to multiply uncontrollably and become cancerous. The extraction of pure tumor material is extremely important to understand the underlying mutation for a specific cancer type.

Leica Laser Microdissection systems allows the extraction of purely cancerous tissue without contaminating your sample with healthy cells and improve the workflow by precisely cutting only the cells you are interested in.

  • Every step is done under visual control and proceeds without contamination with surrounding tissue.

  • A New LMD software 8.2 with improved usability and larger application range.

  • A powerful and easy-to-use software that contains all needed features for a successful laser microdissection process enabling the user to easily select, dissect and visualize dissectates.

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