Thermometric titration-can you feel the heat?

Thermometric titration-can you feel the heat?

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June 01, 2014

Thermometric titration is fast, simple to use, rugged, versatile and unique.
In thermometric titration, the temperature change during a chemical reaction is used for the endpoint detection. This temperature change takes place only while the titrant reacts with the analyte. This makes endpoint detection very easy!
Consequently, the thermometric titrator is the ideal solution for difficult samples with complex matrices that cannot be titrated potentiometrically.

Key applications in thermometric titration:

  • Sodium in food samples
  • Sulfate in liquid and granular fertilizers, wet process phosphoric acids
  • Phosphate in liquid and granular fertilizers, wet process phosphoric acids
  • Bayer Aluminate Liquors
  • Free Fatty Acids (FFA) in edible oils
  • Total Acid Number (TAN) in mineral oil products
  • Analysis of etching mixtures of plating and solar cell industry
Digital gDNA kit selection wheel

Digital gDNA kit selection wheel

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Want to make experiment planning easier? The updated digital selection wheel for genomic DNA purification kits is right for you! Categorizing kits by sample source, DNA type and platform, the selection wheel helps you choose the right kit for your experiment.

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NEW touchscreen refractometer

NEW touchscreen refractometer

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The RFM900-T Series of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers, featuring a wide measuring range up to 1.70 RI and new 7” touch-screen user interface, are ideally suited for use in applications within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavours and fragrance industries as well as in academic research.

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