New 917 Ti-Touch Coulometer

New 917 Ti-Touch Coulometer

Chemistry & Biochemistry / Pharmaceutical Industries

October 08, 2015

Metrohm is pleased to announce that the successful Ti-Touch titrator family has been expanded by a new member, the 917 Ti-Touch Coulometer.

Just like its siblings, the 917 Coulometer is a compact, stand-alone instrument integrating control unit, magnetic stirrer, and the pump for reagent exchange into a single, space-saving design. Outstanding features and benefits make the 917 Coulometer the preferred solution for routine use in any laboratory.

Maximum user safety
•    Integral pump:  Reagent exchange at the push of a button prevents contact with Karl Fischer reagent at all times
•    Crucial parameters (number of determinations, reagent capacity, drift ….  are monitored at all times

Maximum ease of use
•    Automated transfer of the sample weight
•    Each user can start his or her favorite applications (up to 14!) at a single  tap on the color touchscreen
•    Titration starts automatically after sample has been added

Even more convenience
•    Paperless reports can be generated and saved at the USB port  to a flash drive  or to a network drive
•    Ethernet interface: export results to your LIMS and manage them there!
•    Thermal sample preparation (manual or automated with the 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer)

The Bradford Reagent from Abcam!

The Bradford Reagent from Abcam!

Chemistry & Biochemistry / Pharmaceutical Industri...

Abcam offers the Optiblot Bradford Reagent with improved formulation over classical Bradford, offering higher tolerance of detergent contamination of the protein samples.



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