Sample Handling Products

Sample Handling Products

3M™ Sample Handling Products are manufactured to meet the highest internal quality standards and government regulations and can help you maximize the accuracy, consistency and efficiency of your sampling program.
Our wide range of innovative solutions include environmental and product sampling swabs, sponges and ready-to-use bags.

3M™ Quick Swabs maximize accuracy and consistency in sample collection. These ready-to-use, environmental swabs can be used wet or dry and are efficient, cost effective and economical.

3M™ Sponges are designed specifically for microbial surface sampling and offer convenience and high quality. They are manufactured with Biocide-free cellulose sponge to maintain organism viability and are provided with different media to cater for all your needs.

3M™ Homogenizer Bags are manufactured with proven experience and uncompromising quality. Designed to meet stringent laboratory testing needs, these bags have the strength needed to endure the sample preparation process.

Oil Quality Strips

The quality of your fried foods depends on the quality of the frying shortening. Shortening will breakdown after prolonged use and will affect the flavor, color and texture of fried foods. Bad oil means bad fried food and that hurts your business. The 3M™ Shortening Monitor can help prevent poor food quality and customer dissatisfaction.
It’s a simple test designed to measure the degree of shortening breakdown in deep frying vats.

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Cold Chain Monitoring

Numelab offers handheld instruments and data loggers from Ebro for the entire cold chain: from process monitoring, to transport and storage monitoring and incoming goods inspection.

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