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Heidolph Rotary Evaporators

Do you demand the highest safety standards, perfectly engineered ease of use and reduced costs of ownership? Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators offer you an Intelligent Evaporation.


Intelligent Evaporation

Intelligent evaporation stands for an overheat protection design, a detachable panel for superior ease of use from outside closed fume hoods and offers a proven vacuum seal and vapor tube system guaranteed for years of operation!


Our Unique Advantages

The Heidolph rotary evaporators are suitable for standard, complex and automatic distillation processes. Our system makes evaporating easy for you and allows you to concentrate on your research.

Aspects such as safety, convenience and cost savings have been considerably taken into account during the development of the evaporators. This is reflected in various unique product advantages:

Two independent safety circuits avoid an overheat situation of your heating bathIn case of a power cut, all motor lift models will remove the flask from the heating bath preventing safety hazards and potential thermal damage to your sampleTo protect you from splashes and scalding, the Hei-VAP heating bath features a pour spout to remove bath fluid safelyHeating bath is constructed with a double wall for your protection against burns and scaldingA metal support between the heating bath and the base unit prevents bath instabilityFor your protection, the operating panel is located near the base so as to keep your hands out of the dangerous zone of rotating flasks, steam and slashing bath fluidsThe detachable operating panel can be attached via velcro or with a special suspension at eye level for your convenience from outside closed fume hoodsA separate on/off switch for heating prevents an unintentional heat-up. If heating is switched on the on/off button is illuminated for visual controlThe patented evaporating flask clamp cannot get lost due to a connection to the vapor tube coupling ring The universal heating bath can be adjusted horizontally up to 200 mm and offers efficient space to accommodate even 5-liter flasksReduce your process times up to 30 %The patented clamping sleeve ensures a long life performance of the vapor tubeReduce your maintenance costs. The sealed housing protects your rotary evaporator from aggressive fumes, liquids and vapors to prevent internal corrosion. This results in an increased lifespan of 10 years on average at a reduced maintenance and repair costOnly Hei-VAP heating baths reach a temperature of 210°C which is 30°C higher than other evaporators on the market and allow for a broader range of applications which previously could not be performed on any rotary evaporator (for example bitumen distillation). IQ-OQ documentation is available for Hei-VAP models on request
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