Ion Chromatography

Superior Ion Chromatography Systems

Metrohm offers the most flexible, reliable and easy to use IC systems. Ranging from basic, stand-alone units to complex systems that do all the work for you, there is a model to meet your application requirements and exceed your expectations.


Professional IC Vario

With the Professional IC Vario system, Metrohm sets a new standard in ion chromatography. Professional IC Vario stands for maximum flexibility combined with most easy operation and perfect reliability.


Enjoy faster startup time and easier detection with components that are automatically recognized and optimized by the system software. And a smart, flexible design allows you to easily integrate sample preparation without compromising your workspace. Whether you are analyzing anions, cations or both, we have a system to suit your application. Our new 940 Professional IC Vario systems provide you with the ultimate flexibility you expect from an Ion Chromatograph.

Anions, cations and ancat dual systemsAnion systems with or without suppressionChemical suppression followed by CO2 suppression (sequential suppression)Sequential suppression with inline ultrafiltration or dialysis (Prep1)Sequential suppression with inline pre-concentrationInline matrix elimination or inline calibration (Prep 2)Sequential suppression with inline neutralization and inline cation removal (Prep 3)Low pressure or high pressure gradientThey all come with your choice conductivity, UV-VIS or electrochemical detectors. Anion configurations are available with low, medium or high capacity suppressors. With the new generation, you have the choice of a peristaltic pump or a dosino for suppressor regeneration. The new generation ICs also feature STREAM, Suppressor Treatment with Reused Eluent After Measuring. This will eliminate the need to add DI water for suppressor rinsing.

Compact IC Flex

930 Compact IC Flex is the new ion chromatograph for routine analysis developed with a focus on the requirements of QC laboratories. Rugged design, ease of use and outstanding system reliability are key features of the 930 Compact IC Flex.

Compact IC Flex

Your key benefits with Metrohm ion chromatography

Modular, high-performance ion chromatography systemCompact dimensions, small footprintFor routine analyses and research applications in the ng/L- to % rangeHighest sensitivity for lowest detection limitsIntelligent system components for reliable resultsWide range of detection optionsFree choice of suppressor and columnAll gradient optionsInline eluent preparation integrated in the systemMulti-language MagIC Net software for intuitive and simple operationComplies with GLP and the FDA regulationsCompatible with the unique and partly patented Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques (MISP)Complete automation for high sample throughputLow maintenance costs and long lifetime Robust Swiss quality
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