FP828 & FP928 Nitrogen/Protein Analyzers from Leco!

FP828 & FP928 Nitrogen/Protein Analyzers from Leco!

Nutrition & Food Sciences / Agro-Food

January 08, 2019

Analyze your most challenging food samples easily and quickly with Leco latest solutions for total protein and nitrogen determination, the FP828 and FP928.

  • These instruments offers industry leading analysis times and automation features to increase your lab productivity.

  • Analyze effortlessly nitrogen and protein in your most challenging samples including meat, feed, petfood, and milled products.

  • The 828 Series allows to easily handle a wide range of sample applications with Macro sample mass capability paired with cycle times as fast as 2.8 minutes.

  • The 928 Series allows to easily handle the most demanding sample applications (heterogeneous, difficult to prepare, low analyte level sample) with Macro sample mass ability (up to 3 grams for Nitrogen/Protein model regardless of sample carbon content) and rapid cycle times.

  • The FP828 and FP928 series features a rugged autoloader for sequential and non-sequential analysis (30-sample position  with optional expanded capacity for up to 120 in FP828 and 100-sample position in FP928).

  • Leco also offers the Cornerstone brand software with touch-screen interface that enables complete access to analysis control, method settings, diagnostics, reporting, and more in a highly organized, intuitive, and immersive environment.


Click here to see how Leco FP828 and FP928 Nitrogen/Protein analyzers can transform your total protein analysis in food and feed materials!



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