New special stain kits for IHC

New special stain kits for IHC

Anatomy - Pathology / Animal Sciences / Cell Biology

July 01, 2013

Are you interested in the evaluation of disease states in research and diagnostic labs using IHC?

Abcam new special stain kits can be used to identify suspected pathogens and demonstrate specific cellular components. Many of the stains have microwave protocols for faster use. The special stains are for research use only and can be used in cell biology and histology.

  • Trichome Stain Kit (Modified Masson's) for staining connective tissue
  • Oil Red O Stain Kit for staining lipids and fat similar to Sudan Black
  • Modified Gomori Methenamine-Silver (GMS) Nitrate Stain Kit for staining fungi and opportunistic organisms


Anatomy - Pathology / Animal Sciences / Cell Biolo...

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