New MASTR Facility supports adoption of NGS

New MASTR Facility supports adoption of NGS

Molecular Diagnostics

September 15, 2015

Multiplicom is pleased to announce the new MASTR Facility to enable the implementation of massively parallel sequencing (MPS also referred to as NGS) capabilities in clinical genetics and pathology laboratories.

The genomic revolution and the rapid evolution of sequencing technologies present many exciting opportunities, as well as many challenges. The MASTR Facility can support you in dealing with these challenges in non-invasive prenatal testing, cancer predisposition screening, tumor analysis, and identification of genetic predisposition in areas such as cardiovascular disease. Multiplicom offers support for all our commercial assays through training, wet lab testing, as well as data analysis so you can reduce initial set-up costs and accelerate the adoption of NGS in your offering.

The combined offering of innovative diagnostic kits that enable clinical laboratories to link genetic information to health and disease and the actual performance of these tests empower lab clients to better serve the needs of physicians and their patients.

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