Molecular Biology

September 29, 2015

Multiplicom is pleased to announce the release of the TP53 MASTR molecular assay, research use only, for the identification of mutations in the entire coding region of TP53.

TP53 is the most frequently mutated gene in cancer and is associated with Li-Fraumeni syndrome, an inherited cancer syndrome. The TP53 MASTR is designed for intended use both on germline material as well as FFPE material.
NGS-based analysis of TP53 mutations has a wide variety of clinical and research applications.

Germline mutation detection

  • for cancer predisposition testing (e.g. Li-Fraumeni syndrome)

Somatic mutation detection

  • for molecular tumor classification and as prognostic biomarker (including leukemia (e.g. CLL, Non-Hodgekin lymphoma), sarcomas, bladder and esophageal cancer)
  • for prediction of therapeutic success (e.g. TP53-targeting drugs and MDM2 inhibitors)
  • for clonality analysis to discriminate primary tumors and metastases


The TP53 MASTR has several advantages:

  • clear clinical guidelines to use the test
  • compatible with DNA derived from both FFPE tumor samples and blood

New hope for the development of Alzheimer

New hope for the development of Alzheimer's disease therapeutics from Qiagen!

Molecular Biology

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease characterized by two types of lesions in the brain: extracellular senile plaques consisting of APP-derived amyloid ß (Aß) peptide and intracellular neurofibrillary tangles build out of hyperphosphorylated microtubule-associated tau protein.

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Quality control of Milk and Dairy products from Metrohm!

Quality control of Milk and Dairy products from Metrohm!

Molecular Biology

The analysis of milk and dairy products requires error-prone and time-consuming sample preparation techniques. Our automated instruments take over sample preparation. Besides saving time and improving traceability, you can increase the reliability of your analyses and ensure compliance with international regulations.

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