MTP tissue processor

MTP tissue processor

Anatomy - Pathology

October 23, 2015

26 Reasons why MTP tissue processor is on the top of carousel instruments!

1.    Robust & modular easy to use instrument through 4 touch buttons.

2.    2L Reagent beakers, offering maximum sample capacity, and enough reagents, for quality processing.

3.    Smart labeling, for reagent beakers , so that is not affected with the aggressive Reagents, used in processing

4.    Rotating table, of the reagent beakers, offering, easy and safe, reagent filling , or exchange with no need to rotate the whole unit, or having the unit on wheels, for maximum safety of samples and users.

5.    Flexibility of reagent beakers choice, between POT, Glass and Metal.

6.    Whole Paraffin beakers heating, offering fast and homogeneous paraffin melting.

7.    Paraffin beakers, are connected to the instrument through sockets, (No cables)offering easy separation from the instrument, for easy and safe wax loading , or change , away of the instrument

8.    Paraffin beakers are made of especially galvanized robust Aluminum, with very fast heat exchange specificity, offering a maximum temperature fast reaching, so it reduces absorbed energy and speeds up the paraffin melting.

9.    Hygienic, and Environmental friendly, because it can optionally equipped with Fume hood, and exhaust system, with active carbon filter, to avoid any unhealthy fume in the lab.

10.    Includes External Exhaust aperture in the rear of the instrument, should the lab has an external Exhaust system

11.    Maximum sample capacity 120 sample, or extension to 240 samples to meet lab needs.

12.    Maximum processing quality, even in case of maximum sample load, thanks to the optional 0.5 bar Vacuum accessory.

13.    A programmable agitation, for homogeneous reagent environment during the run, increase the processing quality.

14.    Programmable drip time, for each station, minimizing the carryover between reagents during the run.

15.    Possibility loading of extra samples, during protocol running, with an easy access of the sample basket, without the need of touching by hand for maximum user safety

16.    On board standard, UPS system extending the processing for 4 hours in case of power failure.

17.    Safety destination program, in case the power failure extension more than 4 hours, where user can choose the preferable safety destination, for maximum sample safety.

18.    Visual and acoustic error messages in case of any malfunction

19.    Biggest delay time of 999 hours , and 99 hours run end time

20.    Smart , left, right sliding door for easy access to load, unload samples or/and reagents

21.    3 indication lamps for system real time status, Green indicates that instrument is ready for a new process, Yellow, indicates that system needs a check by user, while red indicates, that instrument has a Malfunction needs service.

22.    MTP is the only Carousel instrument, can be optionally, equipped with a GSM Alarm module , then user can have the error message in his/her mobile phone , if there is any, during overnight runs

NEW HD1 - Thermo Hygrometer for easy reading

NEW HD1 - Thermo Hygrometer for easy reading

Anatomy - Pathology

The compact HD1 thermo hygrometer display is ideal for control of temperature, relative humidity and dew point in cabinets, rooms or your work environment. You can mount the HD1 easily on the wall thanks to its integrated fastening points or set it up on a flat surface at your workplace.

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Thermometric titration-can you feel the heat?

Thermometric titration-can you feel the heat?

Anatomy - Pathology

Thermometric titration is fast, simple to use, rugged, versatile and unique.
In thermometric titration, the temperature change during a chemical reaction is used for the endpoint detection. This temperature change takes place only while the titrant reacts with the analyte. This makes endpoint detection very easy!
Consequently, the thermometric titrator is the ideal solution for difficult samples with complex matrices that cannot be titrated potentiometrically.



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