New Leica EC4 Microscope Camera

New Leica EC4 Microscope Camera

Anatomy - Pathology / Cell Biology

December 10, 2015

Almost 10 years ago the Leica EC3 camera was introduced and today, Leica is pleased to announce the launch of the new Leica EC4 camera, the entry camera for microscope imaging with a c-mount interface. With this camera Leica aims to deliver easy documentation and simple state of the art usage to every microscope with a c-mount interface.

Compared to its predecessor the EC4 offers:

•    Improved image quality, for better insight
•    Real-time imaging of up to 24 frames per second, for a more fluid workflow
•    A 3.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, to see more

Like before Leica recommends to use the camera with the entry level software, Leica Application Suite (LAS) EZ. Therefore it is compatible with LAS EZ (V 3.2) and Leica Acquire (V 3.2).

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