Metrohm introduces 930 Compact IC Flex ion chromatograph

Metrohm introduces 930 Compact IC Flex ion chromatograph

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September 01, 2013

Metrohm launches the 930 Compact IC Flex, a compact ion chromatograph developed for the requirements  of contract laboratories and QC laboratories in all kinds of industries as well as laboratories in the public sector.

Superior flexibility, perfect ease of use, and outstanding reliability are key features of Metrohm’s new ion chromatograph for routine analysis.

The 930 Compact IC Flex is entirely modular by design. Users can select from a comprehensive range of components to configure the custom solution they need to meet their particular analytical requirements. A new online configurator supports them in selecting from the numerous modules and components. A few clicks are all it takes to design a custom system. There is a broad variety of options.

-          Suppression: sequential, chemical or no suppression

-          Detection: conductivity, UV/VIS, amperometric

-          Automation: Inline Dilution, Inline Ultrafiltration, Inline Dialysis, and more

The system can be fitted with separation columns of any base material, selectivity, capacity, and dimensions (length and diameter)

The 930 Compact IC Flex provides maximum reliability of both the system itself and the analytical results produced.

The system is self-monitoring; all system and method parameters are permanently checked against the respective limits and standards. Results can be traced back to every single step of the analysis including sample preparation, making users perfectly prepared for even the toughest audits.

Combined with the 941 Eluent Production Module, the 930 Compact IC Flex integrates automated inline preparation of eluents of any composition and concentration.

Abcam wide range of protein ladder!

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