SimpleStep ELISA™ kits

SimpleStep ELISA™ kits

Anatomy - Pathology / Animal Sciences / Cell Biology

November 05, 2013

For the same cost as a standard ELISA, you can half your assay time without compromising sensitivity or reliability.

In the SimpleStep protocol, capture and detection antibodies bind to the analyte in solution, then the complex is immobilized in the well through an immunoaffinity tag. Fewer washes mean higher sensitivity and lower variability!


  • Time saving: Results in less than 2 hours, 50% less assay time than a regular ELISA
  • Single wash: Eliminates intermediate incubations and reduces human error with a one-step wash protocol
  • Reproducibility: Consistent data with a lower coefficient of variation than standard ELISA
  • Ease: Detailed protocol booklet provides guidance for dilutions and sample preparation

Not only can SimpleStep™ range boast a quick and easy protocol, Abcam also has one step protocols for exclusive targets you will not be able to get from our competitors.

These targets include:
-    Alpha 1-antichymotrypsin
-    Cleaved PARP  
-    Fibrinogen
-    GFP
-    Glucose-6-Phosphate Isomerase (G6Pi)

SimpleStep ELISA kits coming soon
-    CKM
-    Eotaxin (CCL11)
-    Fetuin A (ASHG)
-    Interleukin-7
-    Interleukin-10
-    TREM1 soluble

New 917 Ti-Touch Coulometer

New 917 Ti-Touch Coulometer

Anatomy - Pathology / Animal Sciences / Cell Biolo...

Metrohm is pleased to announce that the successful Ti-Touch titrator family has been expanded by a new member, the 917 Ti-Touch Coulometer.

October 08, 2015 More +
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