NEW MA37-Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer

NEW MA37-Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer

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September 01, 2014

Sartorius officially launches the new MA37-Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer for Daily Routine Operation.

The MA37 is a standard, next-generation lab moisture analyzer that continues the success story of the MA35. The new MA37 is even faster and easier to use than its predecessor. Yet it features the same compact footprint and delivers the same accurate results as the MA35. The MA37 is designed for customers who need a simple, easy-to-use, reliable moisture analyzer for solid materials.

The MA37 moisture analyzer can be used for quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of liquid, pasty and solid substances using the thermogravimetric method. Typical applications of the MA37 include the analysis of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper materials and environmental protection products. For daily recurring moisture analysis tasks, such as in production or incoming goods inspection, the MA37 is perfect!

Fully automatic endpoint determination eliminates the cumbersome capture of termination criteria. The moisture analyzer monitors the drying process and stops the measurement once the sample weight is constant. The built-in weighing system with 1 mg resolution is specifically optimized for use in higher temperature ranges and delivers the required measurement accuracy. Two powerful metal tube heating elements heat the samples in the MA37. These heating elements are fast, extremely rugged and durable. Compared to glass heating lamps, e.g. infrared lamps or halogen heaters, they are especially resistant to dirt and vibrations.

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