SOMATIC 2 MASTR Plus and QC Plex Product Release

SOMATIC 2 MASTR Plus and QC Plex Product Release

Anatomy - Pathology / Molecular Diagnostics

March 24, 2015

Multiplicom is pleased to introduce the SOMATIC 2 MASTR™ Plus, a research use only assay, for sequencing analysis of genes involved in pathways of solid tumors formation. The SOMATIC 2 MASTR Plus is provided as a ready to use assay in three multiplex PCR reactions for the identification of mutations in the complete coding regions of the EGFR, ERBB2, PIK3CA, PIK3R1 and PTEN genes.

In addition, the QC Plex assay was released for quality assessment and integrity of FFPE-derived DNA samples. Together with the web-based DQC calculator (, the QC Plex ensures reliable amplification and reproducible results from SOMATIC 2 MASTR 2 plus when using DNA derived from solid tumors.

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