Microbiological Analysis

Microbiological Analysis

Numelab offers complete testing capabilities for the detection of pathogens and indicator organisms which may be responsible for quality issues. Our products cover conventional methods (dehydrated culture media) as well as Approved Rapid Methods that minimize manipulation, provide results in less time and reduce the cost.


Rapid Methods for Microbiological Analysis

We provide well-established methods for on-site testing including classic microbiological testing, highly specific detection with real-time PCR, or confirmation of bacterial toxins by ELISA tests.

The Ready to use media plates eliminate the tedious process of making agar and allows to save space in the laboratory. They deliver precise and consistent results supported by many validating agencies such as AFNOR, NORDVAL, AOAC, etc. The ELISA kits for pathogen and toxin testing offer solutions that are accurate, efficient and supported by international regulatory approvals such as AOAC. They are designed to provide reliable and repeatable results regardless of the number of samples to be processedThe Real-Time PCR kits enable highly specific identification of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The tests can be performed with all commonly available types of real-time PCR thermo cyclers and some tests are supported by AOAC-RI and MicroVal validations.

Importance of Microbiology

Food Factories: Microbiological testing has become a higher priority among food industry professionals due to the illnesses and deaths caused by pathogenic food borne bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli, staphylococcus, etc. Increased awareness of food safety from farm to fork has led to a food safety revolution. Water Plants: To secure the safety of water that is daily available, the amount of necessary microbiology tests to comply with regulatory requirements are increasing and are heavily relying on quick and accurate answers to confirm the identities of a broad selection of important micro-organisms such as Pseudomonas, Enterococcus, coliforms, etc.Pharmaceutical industries: microbiologists focus heavily on quality control to ensure a supply of life-saving drugs and vaccines that are free from contamination by micro-organisms.We provide manufacturer of pharmaceutical products that are injected into the blood stream all required material to perform sterility testing by the membrane filtration method and supply proof of the complete sterility of the final product.

Quality control Microorganisms

Numelab provides the highest quality biological reference materials specially designed to suit the needs of all industries:

Water and environmental testing laboratories: We offer a wide selection of indicator organisms as well as water-borne pathogens. Our E3 Epower products are perfect for use in water testing, specifically when using the Membrane Filtration Method.Food Quality Industries: We offer products quantitative microorganism preparations such as EZ-FPC and EZ-SPORE which are commonly used as daily process controls for presence/absence testing, quantitative test methods and spoilage detection methods.Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics manufacturers: We offer products such as EZ-Accu Shot for Growth Promotion Testing and EZ-PEC for Antimicrobial Effectiveness and Preservative Efficacy Testing. These ready-to-use, dependable and cost effective microorganism preparations allow laboratories to conveniently and confidently fulfill Pharmacopeial requirements.
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