NIR Instruments

FOSS NIR Solutions

NIR instruments provide rapid and reliable results, in the laboratory, at the production line or directly in the process. They also provide consistency and sustainability in several industries.


Dairy industries

FOSS offers dedicated solutions to optimize dairy production from improving quality and safety of raw material, through to milk standardization, and verification of end products.

Dairy industries

Wine industries

FOSS solutions for wine analysis help wine makers at all stages of wine production: from measuring grape soundness and maturity at harvest time through the fermentation process to key wine specifications before bottling.


Meat industries

FOSS meat analyzers (meat and poultry) give slaughterhouses and producers of processed meat products complete control of the production process and final product quality.

Meat industries

Grain and milling industries

FOSS offers highly accurate solutions for all stages of grain analysis, from farm to market. They assure farmers of correct grading and enable buyers to have complete confidence in the grain they buy.

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