Mycotoxin Analysis

Mycotoxin Analysis

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by moulds. Mycotoxins can have serious acute and chronic effects on the health of humans as well as animals and can impair the quality of agricultural products. They are spread very inhomogeneously throughout a product and are present at very low levels. therefore Mycotoxin analysis of food and feed is necessary and often required by legislation. 


Analytical Methods for Mycotoxin Analysis

We offer different analytical platforms for the analysis of mycotoxins. Depending on the sample type, number of samples, time to result, ease of use and available equipment, you can choose the appropriate testing format:

ELISA: This format enables medium to high-throughput testing of many analytically simple matrices such as wheat and corn for most regulated mycotoxins.Lateral flow tests and cards: The semi-quantitative lateral flow format enables rapid and on-site decisions about the mycotoxin contamination of simple matrices.HPLC: this format enables high throughput testing of simple and complicated matrices like nuts, spices, coffee or complex mixtures of ingredients. This technology evolves the use of Immunoaffinity columns and mycotoxin standards

We also provide a wide range of analytical standards for different mycotoxins in dry and liquid formats. Besides for generating a calibration curve, the standards can be used to spike samples in order to check laboratory performance or for analysis of mycotoxins by HPLC or GC.

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