Cryopreservation Systems

Outstanding temperature performance

Our cryopreservation systems are engineered and built to ensure maximum sample protection. You can transport and store nonhazardous materials, cells, tissues, industrial gases and other biological samples with the highest safety and security.


Indefinite storage, infinite possibilities

Our cryopreservation sample preparation and storage solutions offer scientists outstanding temperature performance, low operating costs and integrated control features.

Extended Hold Times: Unlike mechanical systems, Thermo Scientific LN2 storage solutions are designed to offer consistent temperatures even when electricity is lost. Samples remain protected much longer during power outages than alternative technologies. With cryo storage tanks, the need to locate backup storage and relocate samples is dramatically reduced.Low Power Consumption: Because most Thermo Scientific cryogenic storage products reply on liquid nitrogen, they consume less power than a standard light bulb, providing significant energy savings.Zero Greenhouse Gases: Because LN2 storage depends on the cooling power of naturally sourced nitrogen gas, there are no halogenated hydrocarbon refrigerants used and no greenhouse gas concerns

CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezers

These freezers feature an integrated control system allowing multiple freezing profiles to be tailored to specific protocols. They allow you to modify six standard preset and 10 user-defined freezing profiles to meet your application needs.

CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezers

NEW! CryoExtra High-Efficiency Storage Systems

Designed for both liquid and vapor phase storage, the CryoExtra Series features automated temperature monitoring and microprocessor-based LN2 level control, providing peace-of-mind for valuable samples.

CryoPlus sample Storage Systems

The AutoFill CryoPlus sample storage systems provide precise and accurate control over all parameters without complicated programming. Storage capacities of up to 38,500 vials (2.0 ml) make the most of your laboratory storage space.

CryoPlus sample Storage Systems

BioCane Storage Systems

The BioCane canister and cane systems cost-effectively store cell, tissues or other biological samples. Available in 4 sizes, the system can safely hold samples for up to 7 months without replenishing LN2.

BioCane Storage Systems

Locator Plus Storage Systems

The Locator PLUS indexed rack and box systems allow quick, efficient sample retrieval and offer cost-effective storage capacity (up to 6,000 samples) combined with minimum Liquid Nitrogen consumption.

Locator Storage Systems

The Locator rack and box systems simplify storage and retrieval with unique hanging rack and gridded box design, advanced vacuum insulation, unmatched temperature uniformity and an innovative LN monitor.

Sample and LN2 Transportation

Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels : Designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen, our Thermo Series includes four models with capacities from 5 to 32 L.Arctic Express Storage Systems: Our Arctic Express and Arctic Express Dual systems protect samples during shipment and storage. Featuring excellent flexibility and safety features, these systems can be used as dry shippers or laboratory cryo storage vessels.Thermo-Flask Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Containers LN2: Our Thermo-Flask liquid nitrogen containers feature inner vessels of borosilicate glass evacuated to 1x10-5mmHg. Available in stainless steel, and featuring vented clamped lids, carrying handles and rubber cushioned bases.Supply Tanks : All of our stainless steel LN2 supply tanks are rated at 22 psi.
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