Diagnostic equipments and media

Numelab is committed to helping you achieve excellence throughout your work. We deliver high quality diagnostic equipments and media to the needs of cytogenetics laboratories from leading manufacturers.


Leica Diagnostic Equipments

Leica combines the expertise in image analysis, robotics and microscopy needed to deliver and support a truly integrated cytogenetics platform. The CytoVision platform offers the convenience and comfort of on-screen analysis with flexibility of both software and hardware configurations.

CytoVision is fully integrated with a range of Leica microscopes and cameras from manual capture systems to fully motorized and automated microscopes. It has a platform to meet your throughput now and scale with you in the future.

Configurations to match throughput and imaging req...

CytoVision is scalable from stand alone capture stations for karyotyping and FISH, to fully automated unattended metaphase and cellular FISH capture of up to 120 slides. Flexible software modules provide the platform for every cytogenetics and FISH laboratory.

You can choose the flexible system that best meets your needs:

One step slide loading, scanning and captureScanning and capture with manual oilingCapture station with on-screen analysis

Leica CytoVision Platform

CytoVision is the one image analysis and case management system that provides Cytogenetic laboratories with an integrated, scalable platform for brightfield and fluorescent samples.


Your Advantages

Scalable, future-proof platform: The configurations ensure to match throughput and images requirements. You can choose between a manual and an automated workflow.Improve efficiency, reduce reporting timesContinuously supply captured cells ready for expert analysis: While lab assistants run the GSL scanning systems, experts analyze the cases at review stations without looking through a microscope. The option for distribution networks and internet access provides great flexibility.Automated record keeping and data storage: This feature minimizes the time for writing up patient records and reduces the chance of human errors. As data and images are stored together tracking and archiving is made easy. The paperless process saves time, money and helps to meet the targets for green policies.

Lonza Diagnostic Media for cytogenetics

For the most successful cytogenetic analysis in both pre- and postnatal diagnostic tests, Amniochrome Media are used for the culture of human amniotic fluid cells obtained from amniocentesis, a procedure extensively used for clinical prenatal diagnosis. The Amniochrome Media are performance tested by a cytogenetic reference laboratory for the cultivation of amniotic fluid cells and chorionic villi for cytogenetic analysis.

Lymphochrome media is a complete, ready-to-use, serum-free medium for the cultivation of lymphocytes from peripheral blood. Serum free medium provides a high lot-to-lot consistency with high mitotic index and good chromosome pattern and is used for in vitro diagnostic.

After Treatment with the above Diagnostic media, the cells can be used in karyotyping, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH ) and other cytogenetic procedures.

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