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NEW single-use data loggers

NEW single-use data loggers

Agro-Food / Cosmetics / Pharmaceutical Industries ...

Two new single-use USB data loggers for temperature monitoring of temperature sensitive goods during transport: the EBI 330-T30 and the EBI 330-T85. These loggers are ideal for Pharmaceutical or life science shipments where returning a more expensive multi-use logger after a shipment is difficult. All the user must do is: start the logger and place it with the shipment. The receiver simply plugs it into a computer, and is able to read the automatically generated pdf report. There are no further hassles with returning the logger to the sender!


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Quick, Easy, Accurate Water Testing

Quick, Easy, Accurate Water Testing

Pharmaceutical Industries / Water & Beverages

EZ-Hydro Shot™ is a ready-to-use quantitative QC microorganism product designed specifically for water quality testing.

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New special stain kits for IHC

New special stain kits for IHC

Anatomy - Pathology / Animal Sciences / Cell Biolo...

Are you interested in the evaluation of disease states in research and diagnostic labs using IHC?

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Launch of ADH MASTR™ v2

Launch of ADH MASTR� v2

Molecular Diagnostics

The new ADH MASTR™ v2 molecular assay is now released for research use only. this assay is an update of the current ADH MASTR™ assay.

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